Equi-Test provides education for persons studying equine-related subjects and offers occupational-training
for workers in the equine industry.

Module 1 : Bases anatomo-physiologiques de la performance équine

Energetic basis

The muscle

Cardiovascular system

Respirator system


Module 2 : Les adaptations physiologiques à l'exercice et à l'entrainement chez le cheval

Muscular adapations

Cardiovascular adaptations
Respiratory adaptations

Skeletal adaptations


Module 3 : Optimisation de la performance équine

Training Principles
Training program
Optimum weight and body composition

Nutrition and performance
Ergogenic aids


Module 4 : Evaluation médico-sportive de terrain et de laboratoire

Exercise test

Physiological measurements



Equi-Test contributes to the education and offers internships to young people undergoing equine studies.

Equi-Test offers continuing education courses to employees of industries connected to the equine world.